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Off The Husk

Nov 30, 2021

- Soufflé’d (as in: "I soufflé'd my finger")
- Schontro (cilantro)
- In Luau of (in lieu of)
- Measuring a Lunear Foot (linear)
- Temporly (Temporarily)
- Vocabalary
- Ice Crisper (fridge component)

"Off The Husk" with Zach Johnson, The Millennial Farmer; Becky Johnson, Mrs. Millennial Farmer; and Randy Nessman, The Master Pipe Layer; Join us as we explore the business of food, fiber, and fuel. Hear from farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs and agriculture/farming professionals from across the country.

What ensues is a politically incorrect podcast filled with genuinely improvised, authentic conversation, laughter and some newfound agriculture knowledge.

Grab a cold beer and enjoy our moderately educational but extremely entertaining podcast "OFF THE HUSK"