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Off The Husk

Aug 2, 2021

Beer Cans and Bison Skulls-Bison Ranchin’ in South Dakota with Scott Assman from Dakota Pure Bison.

 Join us as we explore the business of Bison/Buffalo Raching in South Dakota.

Premium Bison meat from our pasture to your doo! Two South Dakota ranch families coming together to provide consumers with the highest quality bison meat. Making it easy for people everywhere to eat premium bison meat.

What ensues is a politically incorrect podcast filled with genuinely improvised, authentic conversation, laughter and some newfound agriculture knowledge.

Grab a cold beer and enjoy our moderately educational but extremely entertaining podcast "OFF THE HUSK"

Millennial Farmer, Zach Johnson, is a 5th generation family farmer from West Central Minnesota. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experience on the family farm. His vision is to build the connection between farmers and consumers. Zach's mission is to become a national voice for agriculture, provide farmer to farmer education, and facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.